What is a Fill-in-the-Blank Interface?
Fill in what you know  PerSense senses what you don't know, and completes the picture.

    All three screens are organized as column-and-row spreadsheets with pre-programmed formulas.  What is special about PerSense is that the inverse of every formula is available in the same template, with a smart algorithm that notes from context what is missing, and calls on the correct formula to calculate it.

    Leave any cell on any screen blank; when enough information has been entered to determine that value, PerSense will compute that cell the next time you press Enter or choose Calculate.

    For example,  you can compute loan payments in the Amortization screen by filling in loan amount, dates, and interest rate.  But on the same screen, you can also leave the interest rate blank, and fill in the monthly payment instead.  This time it is the rate that is computed.  Or you can fill in both rates and payments, but leave the duration blank for PerSense to compute.  Or, filling in all of these, you can ask PerSense to compute a terminal balloon that will complete the loan. 

    This intelligent flexibility is the feature that gives PerSense its power.